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Member Feedback

For seven years, I’ve run a website that reviews rewards programs (CompareRewards.com), so it’s a subject that I’m not only knowledgeable about but also passionate about. I’ve seen a lot of programs come and go in that time, but QuickRewards.net has been a solid performer ever since it opened its doors. It gives members many ways to earn — with great rates for its offers, surveys, and shopping — and many ways to cash out as well, whether you prefer physically mailed gift cards, GCs redeemable online like Amazon, or PayPal. When you do cash out (and there’s no minimum for PayPal; cash out daily if you want), you can expect to receive your redemption within a week if not faster. QuickRewards.net has the best customer service in the industry — questions are answered quickly and thoroughly, suggestions are taken seriously and acted upon, and management makes every member feel important. I’ve referred literally hundreds of people to QR and will continue to both sing its praises and use the program on a daily basis myself. I know rewards programs… and I LOVE QuickRewards.net.
Rebecca F. from CompareRewards.com


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